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Weight Loss and Money Management

July 15th, 2013 at 11:53 am

I get a free subscription to Weight Watchers through my workplace. I have attempted to do Weight Watchers in the past, and have discovered that keeping track of everything I eat and counting points is just not a sustainable sort of lifestyle for me – I always give up because it is too time consuming. Also, I don’t know how much I buy into their philosophy of using a formula for point-tracking that does not take into account a bunch of personal factors that impact weight and health. Since WW is the #1 weight loss program in the world, I assume that this works for many many people out there –just not for me. However, I do like the part of WW where you have to go in and get weighed every week – it keeps you sort of accountable in a way when someone is weighing you in each week. So, although I don’t count points, I do weigh in each week. I occasionally attend meetings too.

I attended a meeting this past weekend where the leader said that when you start getting in control of one part of your life, you start getting in control of other parts as well. She said that as people lose weight and start getting closer to their goal weight, they also tend to get more in control of things such as finances. Following this theory, the converse must be true as well – if you are more in control of finances, you also are more in control of weight-loss and health. I must try this out and see if it works for me.

In reading blogs on SA, I see that lots of the savers on here also have weight-loss goals. And it appears that being frugal and budgeting is also conducive to healthier eating habits such as eating at home, making food from scratch, avoiding expensive junk foods, and reducing impulsive food purchases. I am currently healthy overall (at my last doctor’s visit), but I am overweight and at risk for many things including diabetes (which runs in my family). My doctor has advised me to exercise more and lose more weight. But I hate exercising. However, according to the theory of the WW leader, I will find it easier to work towards the weight loss goals if I use the momentum from the personal finance management goals. So, I am going to use this as a forum to also log progress towards weight management. Also, ultimately losing weight will probably also help me save money on medical bills and can be viewed as a financial goal as well. Wish me luck! I would also appreciate any advice/feedback from other SA bloggers who tackle both goals at once.

8 Responses to “Weight Loss and Money Management”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I used MyFitnessPal in the past to lose weight by tracking calories, but after our move last year, I seem to have let that habit go and the weight has come back on. It doesn't help I moved away from two fantastic work out buddies. Frown

  2. scottish girl Says:

    I haven't got any weight-loss goals - the opposite actually - but just wanted to say that I have a noticed a link between meal planning, budgeting and cooking from scratch. It definetly helps our household to eat better, and all of SG's meals are cooked from scratch too.
    Good luck!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I have strong feelings on the weight subject, but my family is really screwed up when it comes to food. (Ironically, have always been very sound financially).

    So, I agree with your thoughts. You have to account for personal body differences. & I don't think counting points or calories is really any way to live. I think it's okay to set habits and give yourself guidelines, but I don't think anyone truly sane could manage a diet in the long run in that manner.

    & I think some of the principles apply with finances. To get in a good place with your finances, you don't want to be obsessing every penny every single day, for the rest of the life. I'd go insane with that approach too. You maybe have to do so up front to open up your eyes and establish better habits.

    It's really more about setting up good habits, and dealing with underlying psychological issues. Having support is also always a good thing. For both diet and finances...

    We eat all our meals at home and are active. That is really the most of it. IT doesn't matter if I ate all red meat and french fries made at home and only ate salads out of the house. Everything we eat outside of the house seems fat and calorie laden. So, I feel like 99% of the battle is just eating at home. (We learned this by accident when my spouse was laid off, first child was born, and the decision to eat at home was purely a financial decision. My "underweight" spouse lost 10 pounds the first year of this change. Every time I eat out any more I notice it on the scale).

    Personally, I think I am okay psychologically, but have a lifetime of atrocious eating habits to overcome. Slowly but surely I am working through them. Improvement is better than perfection. Setting a better example for my kids is a very strong motivation.

    Walking is an excellent habit to get into. Park your car out further. Take the stairs, yadda yadda. Get a walking partner, so it feels like less of a chore. Google "benefits of walking" - it's supposed to be like the best thing you can do for your body. IF you don't like exercise, just try to do more active/fun things. Swimming? Tennis? Bowling? Anything that gets you more active. Good Luck!

  4. Wino Says:

    I don't have a weight-loss goal so much as a weight-move-around goal. My body weight is proportional to my height, but I have love handles that bug the bejeebers out of me. I've set up my schedule to go by the gym every day after work. Too bad there's no basketball at the gym, because I hate all the cardio machines and weights, but I love basketball. Oh, well. I love "free gym" more than I love basketball, so I do the cardio and weights.

    Maybe I can sell my love handles on eBay. Free shipping.

  5. Baby_nurse Says:

    I do see a link between control with my weight and other areas in my life. It feels like when I let one area go, so do the rest. Conversely, though, trying to work on too many areas at one time can sabotage them all because you scatter your focus.

    I'm back on WW and hoping I get it right this time!

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Wino, I'm not sure anyone would want your love handles, but who knows. There are some strange things sold on eBay!

    My weight is an issue and I try hard to eat healthy. But, I agree, there's more to weight loss than a formula...we all have body issues and I think in my case mind issues.

  7. IndianGal Says:

    This topic seems to be a common one for many on here. I agree with you all - not taking personal and genetic factors into account when managing weight is just silly!

    Wino - selling love handles on eBay made me laugh. I wish I could do that. That would be perfect!

    I'm planning for small steps in both areas - eventually they'll become long strides. Thanks, all!

  8. baselle Says:

    Both of these goals are about control. I've found that the most successful strategies align them both together. Cooking your own food does it, as does walking to the sale does as does developing a fiscal reward for exercising. My friends laugh about me finding change but its a better reward for walking 5 miles (maybe that next block will have a bunch of change strewn on the sidewalk) than rewarding myself with a big baked good.

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