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Retirement Scare

July 10th, 2013 at 11:35 am

I received some feedback on my budget that I posted on the forms and on the other blog before I deleted those posts and moved everything here. This is helpful. I am going to take it all in and see where I can make changes and tweak things.

I wish I could get a part time job, but as an international individual on a work-visa, I can only legally work for the employer on my visa documentation, and no more than my current 40 hrs/week. Isn't it ironic that they won't let me work anywhere else, but they will let me gamble? Anyhow, that is behind me and I have not spent a penny on gambling since 7/1/2013. A very short while, I know. But I hope to keep it up.

Now for the scary news! After I received an encouraging comment about my employer's retirement scheme, I decided to log on and see how much I had. Now, I have never logged on before. I see on my pay stubs that they started paying in money to this account 6 months after I started working here, so I just assumed that it was collecting in the account at a rate of about $290/month. However, I could not log in or create an account. I called the number listed on the website, and they could not locate me in their system. I had a mini-freakout! Where was all that money going to, then?

This was at the end of the workday and I placed a call to the HR department, but the person I needed to talk to had gone for the day. I called again this morning, and she said that she could not understand it - they have been paying money into that account monthly. She referred me to another person in the Payroll department. I called her, and she said that she could not understand it either, but that she will look into it and get back to me tomorrow.

I feel slightly reassured because my employer's accountants say that they have been paying into retirement for me. They have records of it happening. I can't be mistaken, can I? Can it all just disappear like that? I hope not!

5 Responses to “Retirement Scare”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Very ironic that you are limited to your work, but gambling is OK. Weird! Shows priorities are really screwed up on the government's part.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm sure someone at your work will be able to follow up with the administrator of the retirement plan to see where the money is. I hope it is resolved quickly for you. A good lesson about how no one is more interested in YOUR money than YOU!

  3. baselle Says:

    I hope it is resolved quickly. I'd also ask a co worker who you know is contributing to see if he can get into his account....fingers crossed, in a sense, that he can't because it points to a companywide issue and those get solved MUCH faster.

  4. IndianGal Says:

    Thanks for the support. I called back again and after about 3 tries was transferred to someone helpful who did something and has "relinked" my account to my social security number. They said they will send me a new PIN in the mail in about 2-3 weeks, and then I should be able to access it online then.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    That sounds like promising news!

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